What You Will Learn:

-2 Day seminar
-How to flip remotely, wholesale remotely, and cashflow remotely
-Wealth Planning
-Asset Protection
-Deal Submission
-Real estate Psychology
-Business Planning

This could be you!

Lilly & Garza
”Within 5 hours of putting our first flip on the market we received a cash offer at full price and closed within 2 weeks. 🙌🏾At that moment I was assured we were winning. Though the closing was fast, it was definitely not an essay process and truth is, easy means weak💯. It’s hard work, time, a devoted mentor, and 100% dedication. We do this for our future and our family. Just a few months ago we took action to change our lives and learn real estate by joining Brian’s apprenticeship program. Thank you Brian for sharing the knowledge and the continuous motivation you give us!”

Lilly & Santiago, after successfully flipping their first property with a net profit of $23,000.

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You could also be getting checks just like the one my apprentice Clint recently got!

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Student made $35k in 3 Months


Wholesale - Darius $35k in 3 Weeks


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Brothers close largest deal of careers!

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Last June my brother and I attended Brian’s course and received tremendous value from Brian and Ta’Nia’s systems and processes we were shown. It truly helped turn what was more of a hustle for us, into a real business. Since then we’ve closed a few deals, but most importantly we closed the biggest deal of our career so far, which was $40k.  We contribute that deal to what we learned from the courses and we are forever grateful for the momentum it added to our business. Thanks so much Brian and Ta’Nia for everything!

Students Make $10k deal thanks to the knowledge earned.

10k on wholesale


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